DataX Formats, Schemas, Identifiers & Limits


Describes the ingestion formats, partner identifiers, rate-limited quotas for taxonomy and audience posts, and data retention for audiences for DataX partners. Error code responses are also described in this section.

Ingestion Formats

Partner will call the POST /v1/usermatch endpoint with their assigned OAuth 1.0 credentials.

Partner Match data is shared in one of the following methods:

CSV File with bzip2 compression

Define Schema in the .csv file header.

Example 1:



Partner ID 1

HashedEmail Value 1

Partner ID 2

HashedEmail Value 2

Example 2:




HashedEmail Value 1

Partner ID 1



Define schema parameter during Post call.

Introduce a comma-separated schema parameter that defines the column order and the name values.


POST /v1/usermatch?schema=PXID,SHA256EMAIL
        Partner ID1, HashedEmail Value 1
        Partner ID2, HashedEmail Value 2
        Partner ID3, HashedEmail Value 3


  • A Partner has the option to define the schema as they wish.

  • There is a priority of the schema defined at different places: schema parameter > schema header in files > default schema.

  • If a schema is not defined during ingestion, the default schema format will be PXID|SHA256EMAIL.

DataX Partner Identifier



PXID - Partner Cross Identifier

PXID = Partner Cross Identifier (case-sensitive).

Note that Data ingestion will perform an exact match.

Rate Limitation

DataX is rate-limited per the following quota limits for taxonomy and audience posts:

Error Code

Error Message


429 Too many requests

Rate Limit exceeded per hour (Limit: 100)

Number of requests allowed in an hour per provider.

Data Retention

  • Segment Expiration: - Audiences will be linked to the active segment for 45 days.

    • Audience refreshes can be posted at any time (for example, daily, weekly, monthly, etc).

    • If audiences are not refreshed by the default expiration TTL, they will be unlinked from the segment(s).

  • User Match Expiration: - Partner IDs will be stored in-house for measurement. - In-house data will be stored/ linked to a Verizon Media ID for 90 days to support audience refreshes.

Error Responses