Viewability Targeting

This article describes resources that enable you to read and define viewability targeting rules.


You can set hard viewability goals for display and video line items. When you set a viewability threshold for a line item, viewability takes precedence over line item delivery, and you can expect line items to achieve and maintain the viewability goal.

The Verizon Media DSP supports VIEWABILITY targeting for lines serving display and video ads.


  • A GET request enables you to view viewability thresholds targeted by the specified line.

  • A POST request enables you to target viewability thresholds with the specified line.


The targeting resource is the standard Verizon Media DSP resource for targeting consumers based on their profiles, behaviors, and ad content.

This resource comprises multiple fields that enable you to specify line targeting across many types of targets including the VIEWABILITY target type.

The targeting resource is defined by the following VIEWABILITY targeting type-specific fields:


For a complete list of targeting resource fields, see Targeting Object.

Read Viewability Targeting

Get targeting information for the specified line.

GET /traffic/lines/{id}/targeting

To learn more, see Read Line Targeting.

Add/Update Viewability Targeting

Add or update viewability targeting for the specified line.

POST traffic/lines/{id}/targeting/


The line ID is specified in the path of the URL. All other parameters are specified in the body of the application/json payload.

Example Request URL


Example Request Body

  "inviewThreshold": 1.56,
  "types": [
      "name": "VIEWABILITY",
      "isTargeted": true

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