More than 95% of emails our customers receive are commercial in nature. Consumers have less and less time to read through the pool of daily marketing emails; Many of them ignore, delete, mark as spam, or even worse of all: Abandon an account altogether.

It’s a spiral: Brands continue to send more and consumers get overwhelmed and suffer from email fatigue.

They have no incentive to go through this increasing clutter. They are no longer engaged while reading your email. And unfortunately only engaged consumers are the ones who might end up purchasing.


Make your Emails come alive by using Email Structured Data and Schema

No matter the email service being used (Yahoo, AOL, Gmail, or Outlook, etc.), our machines understand and display structured data and Schema so that any message is communicated clearly to recipients.

Structured Data and Schema are industry standard pieces of code in the form of Microdata or JSON-LD that you can seamlessly embed in your email markup to craft a rich experience for your campaigns within inboxes, whether they’re Verizon Media-owned Yahoo and AOL email clients or others in the market like Gmail.

In Verizon Media Ecosystem, using Schema offers you:


We can pull key details of your campaign like “expiration dates, deal descriptions, and any images representing the deal” and render them in a nicely crafted card in the most noticeable real estate of an email message.

We render those cards not only inside the email that is part of your active campaign, but also within other emails received by the consumer from your brand like an order confirmation email. This increases the chances for your campaign to get in front of the eyes of your consumers.

blog message

Increased Reach

In addition to rendering cards within email applications, we can also render these cards in entities outside email, such as Yahoo Sports and Yahoo Shopping. This expands the reach of your campaign to new audiences.


Priority Placement

Any email service provider that can organize the user's mailbox to highlight key relevant information is the most efficient toolbox for email marketers. Verizon Media uses Schema and Structured Data to offer the best organized user experience for our email users who are also your consumers, bringing updates like real time shipment tracking, flight itineraries details and receipts to the top of the inbox.

package tracking
Package Tracking
travel itineraries
Travel Itineraries

Example Code

Below is an example of a schema script for a deal promotion and the description of the attributes used.

Field Description

Field Name Field Description Required
Description briefly describes the coupon / offer yes
url landing page for user action on the rendered coupon widget yes
validThrough end date time of coupon / offer (ISO 8601 Date and DateTime formatted) yes
validFrom start date time of coupon / offer (ISO 8601 Date and DateTime formatted) no
image url url of image related to the coupon / offer no
seller name name organization which offers the coupon / offer yes
broker name name organization if different from the seller which distributes the coupon / offer no
promocode associated promo code with the coupon / offer no


You can reach us directly at mail-questions@verizonmedia.com for any questions or suggestions you may have.