Five Innovative Mobile Ad Formats

In this Ad Workshop video, we explore five innovative native ad formats from Verizon Media Ad Platform.

Time: 1:29 min

  1. Dynamic Product Ads (DPAs) are a favorite among retailers, not only because of their engaging visual formats, but also because they allow brands to retarget high-intent users based on past shopping behavior, mail subscriptions, search patterns, or abandoned carts.

  2. Mobile wallet ads enable marketers to bridge the online and offline divide with a full-screen native ad campaign that delivers digital coupons right into your audience’s smartphone wallets. This ad format even allows for time and location push notifications. For consumers, mobile wallet ads offer convenience and savings.

  3. Countdown ads drive a sense of urgency for consumers. With 87% of shoppers actively looking for deals and promotions, native ads promoting flash sales with a countdown timer catch the attention of deal-seekers, generate excitement, and help drive immediate purchases and can be an effective tool for motivating purchases sooner in a condensed timeline.

  4. Augmented Reality (AR) ads allow users to have a tangible, engaging interaction with simulated objects. This format brings a personalized, fun, and interactive experience to consumers by placing virtual products in real-world spaces - helping them get a better idea of whether something is suitable.

  5. 3D ads allow shoppers to explore products up close and from any angle. Poised to take off as 5G wireless rolls out nationwide, 5G can ensure a faster Extended Reality (XR experience for 3D and AR ads), without lag or annoying load times for users.