Understanding the Power of Native

Native advertising continues to dominate the digital advertising landscape, making up nearly 60 percent of all digital display spending in 2018 – a 10 percent increase over previous years. Understanding the dynamics and effectiveness of native advertising is essential.

state of native

Download the Ebook

To understand the power of Native delivered by the Verizon Media Ad Platform, be sure to download The State of Native ebook PDF.

The ebook (in PDF format, 10.7MB) addresses a number of important topics for Verizon Media advertisers:

  • State of the industry

  • Context is King

  • Value beyond the click

  • The next generation of native

Upcoming Native Features

Verizon Media is currently developing powerful new Native features, including Touchpoints. With Touchpoints, users can interact with the parts of an ad they’re most interested in by tapping on interactive pins. Advertisers can use Touchpoints on Moments and Panoramic Moments ads to present a wider range of products or features in greater detail than they could have before. Touchpoints will be of interest to clothing retailers, automakers, lifestyle brands and other advertisers.

Be sure to check with your Account Manager and talk about Verizon Media pilot programs where you can test drive new native products and features.