Tune Into Verizon Media Webinars

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to check out our latest on-demand webinars. These are videos developed and presented by Verizon Media experts on a wide range of topics.

Check out: Empower your Email Marketing with Native Mail Ads.

In this 22-minute webinar, you’ll master the techniques and strategies for working with Verizon Media Native Mail Ads for email marketing.


Avinash Chukka, Project Management, Dir., Verizon Media and Jaycie Bilek, Sr. Account Strategist, Native, Verizon Media.

Webinar on Best Practices For Different Native Ad Formats

You’ll learn:

  • How to create effective goals for campaign objectives from awareness to traffic to conversions

  • Actionable best practices to drive performance out of over 10 different native ad formats

  • How to leverage your own use cases to choose which formats will best deliver

Check out: Webinar: Using native ad formats for success and performance for more information and to view the video.


Tyler Gassaway, Senior Account Strategist, Gemini, and Rosanna Chum, Lead Account Strategist.

Webinar on Insider Strategies for Successful Native Campaigns

In this webinar, Verizon Media experts demonstrate strategies to effectively tune bids, budgets and creatives, enabling you to increase your native campaign delivery and performance: Webinar: Insider strategies for native campaign success

You’ll learn:

  • Which of 4 bidding strategy types and use cases are best for you

  • How to use native site adjustments to optimize performance like a pro

  • Discover how to target accurately for any type of audience