Preview Your Ad on Verizon Media Properties

Once you’ve created a campaign for your ad, you can preview that ad in the Native UI.

Previewing your ad before it serves is a useful and important best practice for advertisers, ensuring that the look and feel of your ad is what you want on Verizon Media properties, either on desktop or mobile.

By previewing your ad before it serves, you can review the ad for quality and landing page behavior as it appears on Verizon Media properties.

How It Works

To preview your Ad:

  1. In the Native UI, navigate to Manage ads > All campaigns > Ads.

navigate ads
  1. Select the ad you wish to preview, in this case, for example, an ad for Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort.

ad to preview
  1. Click the button in the upper corner, Live ad preview, which is next to the Go to ad URL button.

universal live preview
  1. A dialog appears indicating that your Ad preview is processing. Once the Ad preview is ready, select if you wish preview your ad on or Yahoo News.

  1. The preview Ad appears on Verizon Media properties, in this case the Universal Resort.

universal yahoo ad preview

You can click through different properties via the header, or other Verizon Media properties to see how the Ad looks and feels on the desktop and mobile web.


You can only view the preview in the same web browser for which you made the request.

Preview Your Ad on Mobile Web

With the Verizon Media Ad Platforms mobile app on Apple’s iPhone, you can create, edit and preview your ad on the go. You can also track performance metrics, modify your budgets and bids with a simple tap.

To preview your ad on mobile:

  1. Navigate to the Verizon Media Ad Platform app on the App Store for iOS devices.

mobile live preview app
  1. Download the app.

Using the app, you can select Live preview for a specific ad – for example, on or Yahoo News. You can also switch over to other Verizon Media properties, like Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Finance, to see how your ad appears on those properties.