Add New Campaigns

To add, modify, or delete objects, like campaigns, ad groups, ads, keywords, ad extensions, and targeting, you can download the bulk file and then follow the steps outlined below to accomplish these editing tasks.

When you add and/or update rows and columns, don’t modify or delete the first row, which contains the field names.

Create Objects

To successfully create objects, add all the required content into the fields in the bulk file and ensure that the object field ID is empty. All children below the component must not have IDs either. This allows the system to create a unique ID for the object and its children.

In general, Native returns a leading apostrophe with the ID (the Object Id) if the ID is greater than 11 digits. For example, for the keyword “Mothers Day Flowers”, the Object Id is ‘123456789123. Similarly, the Campaign or Ad Group Id (or other ID fields) can be ‘123456789123 if the ID is greater than 11 digits.

Add a Child Component

To add a child component:

  1. In the Action column, enter Add.

  2. Add the relevant Object Type.

  3. Review the bulk file for the IDs and names of the parent components.

  4. Each child component must be defined in a new row under its parent. You must specify also the ID and name of the parent in this row. Both the child and parents IDs will be blank if the child and parent object are new.

Delete Objects

Identify the row you would like to delete, and set the Action field value to Delete. The information will be removed once the bulk file is imported back into Native.