Update Campaign Budgets

To add, modify, or delete objects, like campaigns, ad groups, ads, keywords, ad extensions, and targeting, you can download the bulk file and then follow the steps outlined below to accomplish these editing tasks.

When you add and/or update rows and columns, don’t modify or delete the first row, which contains the field names.

Update Objects

To successfully update objects:

  1. Check that the IDs and names of the objects being modified are not empty or null.

  2. Enter Update in the Action column (associated with the row being updated.

  3. Fields with null or blank values will be ignored unless the Action column in the row is set to Update. If null or blank fields are submitted for update, Native & Search will ignore the fields and continue to use existing values for such fields.

Delete Objects

Identify the row you would like to delete, and set the Action field value to Delete. The information will be removed once the bulk file is imported back into Native.