Use Macros for Ad Templates

To customize your product ad fields with macros, you can use ad templates.

Using macros, you’ll be able to enhance the look of your product ad and extend its functionality. The provided macros listed below are substituted at runtime for your ads.

How It Works

Ad templates will look at your product feed and pull in whatever you want, for example: title, description, availability, or landing URL fields for your macros. You can then break that out and build it into your ad. If you just want your bulk sheet to be title and description, Native Ad Platform will dynamically pull those in and that’s how your ad will serve.

Ad Template Settings

In the Ad details panel, you can set the following fields in the Ad template settings dialog and then click Launch campaign:

ad template fields

An Example Using Ad URL Options

For Ad URL options (advanced), you can add the Tracking template data in the field below, as well as specify the Custom tracking parameters.


Field Names & Descriptions

Use these fields for your Ad Templates:

Field name Description
title The title of the Product Ad template. For example, you can use macros, like {title} with {price}. When the ad displays on the device, the macros will be replaced with the actual product ad title and price.
description The description of the Product Ad template, using a macro to customize the description of the product ad.
sponsoredBy The sponsorBy of the Product Ad template, using a macro to customize the sponsorBy of the product ad.
landingUrl The landing page URL of the Product Ad template, using a macro to customize the landing page URL of the product ad.


You can only create a single DPA template under one DPA ad group.


When you create a DPA template, you must specify at least one field. Leave all the fields that you don’t want to customize as empty.

Use These Macros

To customize your ad rendering, separate from your ad template, you can use these currently supported macros for DPA templates:

  • {title} - the title of your product
  • {description} - its description
  • {price} - the price of your product
  • {availability} - its availability
  • {brand} - your brand
  • {id} - this is the id of your product
  • {link} - use for your landing URL
  • {adgroupid} - use this to set up your ad group
  • {campaignid} - use this to set up your campaign
  • {advertiserid} - your advertiser id


All of these macros are optional, not required.