Get Started

Dynamic Product Ads enable you to target customers with ads for specific products that those customers have already viewed. Your ads then appear on the desktop, tablet or smartphone devices.

desktop retargeting for dpa

Steps To Follow

The steps to get started and go live are described below.

  1. Place Dot tags on each page of your website.

  2. Place a Custom Event Script that includes ViewProduct, AddToCart or Purchase on those web pages.

  3. Now generate your Product Feed, which has to be in .csv, .tsv, .xml, .txt or .rss format.

  4. Upload your Feed: This has to be shared via FTP over SSL.

  5. Define your Product Sets: Choose which products you’d like to retarget and which ad groups you want to retarget those products from.

  6. Create your campaign with funnel targeting: Choose which users you want to target with each ad group based on what part of the purchase journey they are on.

  7. Define Ad Template: Customize your dynamic ad using parameters from your feed, for example: {title} {price}.

Now you’re ready to go live!

Each of these steps is described in detail in the various topic sections in this Guide.

Topics to Navigate

The topics listed here are in sequential, learning order, so that you can work through the steps necessary for optimal performance of your Dynamic Product Ads.

Dot tag setup

Step 1 Series

Set up dot signals

How to set up your dot tags on your website.

The following third-party tag managers are also available, with guides that describe the steps required to set up and deploy Native Dot tags:

Associate dot to a product catalog

How to associate dot pixel tags to your product catalog.

Product catalog

Step 2 Series

Create & manage product catalogs

How to create and manage your product catalogs.

Upload a product feed into Native & Search

How to upload a product feed into Native.

DPA Product feed operations

How to create, update and delete product feeds into Native.

Campaign creation

Step 3 Series

Create Dynamic Ads

How to create dynamic ads.

Use macros for ad templates

How to use macros for ad templates.

Use funnel targeting for a product catalog

How to use funnel targeting for a product catalog.

Use cases & best practices


Create a shopping campaign in BULK

How to create a shopping campaign in Bulk.

Best practices

Learn about some of the best practices when working with Dynamic Product Ads in Native & Search.


Explore some of the most frequently asked questions about using and working with Dynamic Product Ads.

Learn More

If you’re working with the programmatic Verizon Media API, you’ll want to explore the topics described in Dynamic Product Ads.

How To Launch & Run

To launch and run Native Dynamic Product Ads, you simply have to place your Dot tracking tag on the pages of your website, generate your product feed and then upload that feed. You finish by choosing the products in your catalog that you’d like to retarget for your campaigns and adgroups.

steps to start dynamic prod ads

Next Steps

To set up Dynamic Product Ads, navigate to How to set up Dot tag signals, which describes in detail how to set up your dot tracking tags on your website.