Dimensions Insights

Use Native Ad Platform reporting for performance metrics that can be analyzed and segmented by various dimensions for tracking and campaign optimization.

Dimensions are typically the elements of the account setup, targeting attributes, and product specific features.

Data Elements

Note that the following list of data elements is not comprehensive.

Data Element



Id, Name, Status, Start & End Date, Objective (also referred to as Goal in some reports), Budget, Budget Type, Source (Search or Native).

Ad Group

Id, Name, Start Date, End Date, Status,


Id, Name, Description, Landing URL, Display URL, Image URL, Status, Format, Title, Sponsored By.


Id, Value, Bidded Match Type, Destination URL, Param1, Status, KW Landing URL.


Device, Geo (City, State, DMA, Country).

Ad Extensions

Ad Extension Type (Location, Call).

Product Ads

Product Group, Item, Product Category, Product Type, Brand.