Use Conversion Counting To Control & Optimize Your Campaigns

Native & Search now provides you with a new campaign-level setting to control how you want a conversion to be counted.

In the Native & Search UI, you can select from one of two available options in the Campaign settings panel:

conversion counting
  • One per interaction: That means, only one conversion will be attributed to an ad click or an ad view. The second or more follow-up actions from the same user will be dropped.
  • All per interaction: Enables you to count all the conversions after the ad click or ad view.


You can change the setting while your campaign is running, but the change will only be in effect the next day. Note that old data will not be available to report on the new setting.

How It Works

Once you’ve navigated to the Campaign setting panel and selected from the available options, you can view your conversions in a reporting column.

A new reporting column is provided that lets you break down the conversion numbers based on your campaign setting at the time.

For example, if you change the campaign setting from all to one for a campaign numbered 111 on August 1st, you can track (and count) the conversions numbers, as shown in the table below.

Day Campaign ID Conversion Counting Spend Conversions CPA
8/1 111 all 100 10 10
8/1 222 one 200 2 100
8/2 111 one 100 2 50
8/2 222 one 200 4 50