4. Upload Your Product Feed

This section describes the steps you need to follow in order to upload your product feed.


If you are unable to provide a file-embedded-url or FTP location for feed submission, your Native Ad Platform account team can create an account on our Yahoo-branded FTP solution.


If using the Yahoo-branded FTP solution, all dropbox.yahoo.com and asia-dropbox.yahoo.com connections require the use of FTPS (FTP over TLS) for security reasons. This means all client file transfers will require an explicit FTPS connection (rather than an implicit FTPS connection). For more detailed information and FAQs, you can download a pdf file here. Reach out to your account team if you have other questions.


Follow these steps to upload your product feed into Native:

  1. Click the New Feed button on the Product feeds tab of the Product catalog page.

new feed button
  1. Enter the FTP Feed URL (file-embedded-url or FTP location), Filenames, and if required, the User name and password to access the location.


We accept the file-embedded urls as well, and the FTP restriction only applies to Yahoo dropbox accounts. (You can still connect via FTP to a non-dropbox.yahoo.com and asia-dropbox.yahoo.com ftp location.)

  1. Select the feed processing frequency. The frequency options include daily, weekly, and one-time only.

product feed
  1. Click Create.


When adding multiple filenames, enter one per line. Max of 5 filenames are allowed. A separate feed will be created for each file

Next Steps

Navigate to 5. Manage product feeds & use filters, which describes in detail how to manage product feed and use filters.