Dynamic Product Ads are feed-based ads that you can personalize, depending on each of your customer’s unique buying habits and shopping history. The power of this ad solution is that one dynamic product feed enables you to work with multiple native ad formats, i.e., single image ads, carousel feed ads, mail shopping ads (in Beta) and native mail ads.

Key Benefits


How it works


Display products to shoppers who have interacted with your products or shown interest about those products on your website.

One-time Setup

You don’t have to constantly refresh your creative - use your catalog feed to automatically create native ads, saving you time and effort.

Personalized Creative

Dynamic ads automatically update according to your shoppers’ buying habits.


Rely on Verizon Media’s massive reach to connect you to your target audience throughout the path to purchase.


Because Dynamic Product Ads automatically show products to shoppers who have already Viewed, Searched, Initiated Checkout or Purchased a hotel or cruise reservation, they provide an effective solution for travel and hotel retailers.

The Power of Retargeting

Verizon Media’s Dynamic Product Ads rely on retargeting your native ads for customers of products in your retail product catalog who have previously viewed those ads on your website. Retargeting is a powerful tool for reaching those customers with the right ad at the right time.

Retargeted ads automatically promote your listings at scale to customers who have visited your site with targeted-creatives, based on users’ interests. Users who are exposed to Retargeted ads are up to 9x more likely to convert, compared to native-only customers.

Your ads serve to customers within premium-curated content (exclusive inventory) that includes rich-media content from Yahoo, MSN and AOL. These types of ads are ideal if you’re running an e-commerce, retail or travel business, comprised of large product catalogs.

Dive Deeper

A Product Feed, also known as a product catalog, is a data file that consists of an advertiser’s product information, leveraged by any commerce advertiser across verticals, like Retail, Travel and Auto. You can create, build and optimize product feeds in the Native Ad Platform UI by accessing the Product catalog from the Shared Library dropdown menu.

product catalog dropdown

Using a product feed means that you can retarget your customers by taking advantage of Verizon Media Ad Platform tools for dynamic creative optimization and simplified campaign setup and maintenance, so you can scale on the Verizon Media marketplace.

A Product Set contains filtering criteria that maps Dynamic Ads to Adgroups and to a Native ad Campaign.

This mapping is required in order to determine the bid and budget for products in an advertiser product catalog. One product, for example, can belong to multiple products sets and thus to multiple ad groups and campaigns.

Dynamic Product Ads rely on a Verizon Media Dot tag, which can be either a 1x1 image pixel or a snippet of JavaScript code provided to an advertiser.

In general, you’ll instrument your website with the Dot tag (pixel) in order to share user data with Verizon Media. When a user visits your website, for example, this Dot tag pixel will transmit important data about the user – like user activity. The Native Ad Platform targeting system will then “listen” to the signals from the Dot tag pixel and store that data in the User profile store.

Domain Model

Dynamic Product Ads are represented by this domain model:

domain prod set