Publishing Solutions

Verizon Media now provides major retailer brands and marketplaces with a powerful new publishing solution: Sponsored Products. This new publishing solution enables brand customers to search, discover and purchase various product offerings from online marketplace catalogs and offerings.

That means, publishers can increase revenue by 10% to 20% by leveraging strong purchase intent signals from customers coming to their websites.

Onboarding & Integration

Steps to onboard and integrate are outlined in Sponsored Product Integration v1.0.

You’ll need to follow these steps in order to implement Sponsored Products for your brand website.

Feed Integration

Steps for feed integration are described in detail in Sponsored Product Feed Integration.

The document describes the operations for creating, updating and deleting sponsored product feeds, along with tables listing product feed formats and fields.

Sync-up with the Sponsored Products Team

To learn more and sign up, reach out to your account team for more information on how you can take advantage of this new publishing solution from Verizon Media.