DPA Rules

DPA rules require that you have implemented a dot pixel tag, as described in DPA Dot Tag Instrumentation. Using DPA rules you can make POST and PUT calls to the endpoint specified below.


If you do not implement DPA rules, no serving of your product catalog will occur.


DPA rules contain the following fields:

Name Description Add
tagId The id of the Dot pixel placed on the DPA product page. Required
advertiserId The advertiser id Required
productIdExtractName Use this to populate the product id in the pixel code. If not specified, it defaults to the product_id. Optional
eventActionExtractName Use this to extract the event action. If not specified, it defaults to the ea parameter. Optional


Resource URI



DPA rules support full Create and Update operations, including POST and PUT calls.

To create a DPA rule, for example, make a POST call:





Only one DPA rule can be created.

To update a DPA rule, for example, make a PUT call: