Search Ads

Native ads combine various brand assets to produce rich, compelling ad experiences and display them alongside content, providing interaction and engagement superior to traditional display advertising. Use large images for vivid, personal and emotional brand storytelling across desktop, mobile and tablet.

Search on Native ads are highly relevant ads that reach searchers on Yahoo at the moment of intent. Yahoo Search reaches over 117M unique searchers per month, 33% of which can’t be found on other engines.



Follow these steps to create Search Ads on Native:

  1. Create a Campaign with the objective set to VISIT_WEB and set the subChannel to srn_only or srn_and_search.
  2. Create an ad group with a CPC Bid type.
  3. Create an ad and include an imageURL and imageUrlHQ. Note that your images must meet the requirements of 1200X627 and 627X627 with the file formats of GIF, JPG or PNG and a maximum file size of 2MB.
  4. Set all levels to Active. If the ad passes approval, it will be eligible to serve within 24-48 hours.

Required Fields

The following table defines the fields required when serving a search Native Ad type:

Ad Type Campaign-Channel Campaign-Objective Campaign-defaultLandingUrl Bid types Ad-imageUrl Ad-imageUrlHQ Ad-videoPrimaryUrl Assets Ad-mailAssetUrl Ad-imageUrlThumbnail
Search Ad Search, Search_and_Native VISIT_WEB   CPC            

Learn More

For more information on deliverables, guidelines & specifications, refer to Native Ad (Standard).

For more information on using search on native in the Native & Search UI, refer to Use Search on Native to Drive More Traffic & Extend Reach.