Product Bulletin

Welcome to the Verizon Media API Product Bulletin. This update includes a quick snapshot of recent and upcoming releases and is focused on features supported by the API. A summary of supported functionality is also included.

Product Bulletins are updated on a monthly cadence for Native & Search API partners, account managers and developers.


Tune into the April Product Bulletin podcast for the latest on Verizon Media API features, changes and product enhancements released this month by the product development team.

April, 2019

Reminder: Native Keyword Retargeting Resources

  • As announced in February, Verizon Media now provides you with a new feature capability for Native Keyword Retargeting (KRT) as an option, when you define your audience in the Native & Search UI. With this powerful feature capability, you now have the tools and capability to customize search intent targeting at the keyword level with match types and variants. For details on the API that goes into Campaigns, with the JSON example using a POST method, see details in Create a search retargeting campaign in the Operations section of the Campaigns API documentation. Also see the Fields documentation for details about the new targeting attribute. See the Advertiser Guide for details about how it works, along with workflow steps, FAQs and more resources.

Upcoming Native Features

  • Verizon Media is currently developing powerful new Native features, including Touchpoints. With Touchpoints, users can interact with the parts of an ad they’re most interested in by tapping on interactive pins. Advertisers can use Touchpoints on Moments and Panoramic Moments ads to present a wider range of products or features in greater detail than they could have before. Touchpoints will be of interest to clothing retailers, automakers, lifestyle brands and other advertisers. Watch for more information in the coming months.

Reminder: Glossary of Native & Search Terms

Reminder: Updated Postman to v3 Endpoint

  • Updated the Postman collection to the v3 endpoint for all API calls. Using Postman, you can test and verify the calls you make in the Native & Search API. See Postman API Toolkit.

Reminder: Bulk Downloads Performance


If you have a large account and notice your bulk downloads are taking longer over time, please consider deleting dormant or orphaned objects (Campaigns, Keywords, Ads, Ad Groups). See the Native & Search Guide for more details on Bulk operations.

Required Fields by Ad Type Matrix

  • A matrix is available which details the required fields when serving different ad types. For more information, see the Matrix view of required fields.