Product Bulletin

Welcome to the Verizon Media Ad Platform API Product Bulletin. This update includes a quick snapshot of recent and upcoming releases and is focused on features supported by the API. A summary of supported functionality is also included.

Product Bulletins are updated on a monthly cadence for Verizon Media API partners, account managers and developers.


Tune into the July Product Bulletin podcast for the latest on Verizon Media API features, changes and product enhancements released this month by the product development team.

July, 2019

New: Verizon Media Technical Documentation website

  • The Yahoo developer team now provides you with a new web portal for Technical documentation across multiple data and ad platforms. If you wish to explore data and ad solutions for DSP, Audience Insights, Verizon Ads SDK, Yahoo App Marketing, Mail and other opportunities, be sure to check out the tools, guides and API reference content available on these sites.

Reminder: New Supply Name Publisher Tracking Macro

  • As a reminder, Native Ad Platform now provides you with a new publisher macro: ${supply_name}. This new macro enables advertisers to optimize performance by seeing full domain names or app package names where their campaigns are running. Advertisers can take advantage of this macro for purposes of more granular reporting and user analytics. You can also use this macro to match up supply performance to backend metrics not exposed in the Native Marketplace, as well as learning what sites to blacklist based off of performance. For more details on usage, macro setup and related topics, see Dynamic Parameters in the API Guide.

New Video in Ad Workshop: Zen and the Art of Digital Storytelling

  • Check out our latest video in the Ad Workshop section of the Advertiser Guide: Zen & the Art of Digital Storytelling. In this video, we step back a bit to explore some of the techniques you can employ to write ad copy that works best to reach and connect with your target customers. Frank Palmieri, a Senior Manager on the Account Strategy team at Verizon Media, walks you through the steps you need to follow – and delivers the answers. The essence of writing great ad copy – copy that converts – is telling a compelling story that excites your customers and provides them with a call to action.

  • The Ad Workshop section of the Advertiser Guide introduces you to a new series for our community of partners, developers and advertisers. The goal is to provide this community with the latest tools, techniques, and on-demand webinars, as presented by Verizon Media product managers, account strategists and managers. You’ll have a chance to learn from experts in the field, participate in online webinars to expand your knowledge and understanding of Native Ad Platform features, enhancements and product releases. See the Ad Workshop section of the Ad Guide for an overview with topics to explore in this new workshop.

Reminder: On-Demand Best Practices Webinars

  • Check out our latest on-demand webinar, Using Native Ad Formats for Success and Performance. In this 31-minute webinar, you’ll learn specific best practices for many different Native ad formats, along with how to choose the right objective for your campaign in this informative and helpful webinar. Verizon Media presenters: Rosanna Chum, Lead Account Strategist, SMB Advertising Partnerships, and Tyler Gassaway, Senior Account Strategist, Native, Finance.

Reminder: Glossary of Native & Search Terms

Reminder: Updated Postman to v3 Endpoint

  • Updated the Postman collection to the v3 endpoint for all API calls. Using Postman, you can test and verify the calls you make in the Native & Search API. See Postman API Toolkit.

Required Fields by Ad Type Matrix

  • A matrix is available which details the required fields when serving different ad types. For more information, see the Matrix view of required fields.