Product Bulletin

Welcome to the Verizon Media Ad Platform API Product Bulletin. This update includes a quick snapshot of recent and upcoming releases and is focused on features supported by the API. A summary of supported functionality is also included.

Product Bulletins are updated on a monthly cadence for Verizon Media API partners, account managers and developers.

May, 2019

New Getting Started Videos

  • We’ve added several new Getting Started videos to the Advertiser Guide. If you’re a new advertiser coming to the Verizon Media Ad Platform, or need a refresher, you’ll want to view this video series. Brian Hedrick, a Verizon Media Product Manager, walks you through the process in the Ad Platform user interface, to help you get rapidly up to speed with the process of building an ad campaign from scratch. The steps are straightforward and easy to follow. Additional new videos in this series cover workflows for building an ad group, generating reports, and creating Sponsored Mail Ads. In the coming months, we plan to add several more Getting Started videos, to help with Choosing Ad Formats, Ad Editing, Working with Bulk and other topics.

On-Demand Mail Ads Webinar

  • Our new, on-demand webinar is now available: Empower your Email Marketing with Native Mail Ads. This 22-minute webinar covers how to use Verizon Media Native Mail Ads for email marketing. Find out how our unique native Mail Ads offer even more customization, more data for targeting and more innovation than regular email marketing programs in this streamlined webinar. Presenters: Avinash Chukka, Project Management, Dir., Verizon Media and Jaycie Bilek, Sr. Account Strategist, Native, Verizon Media.

Coming Up: Next Webinar on Best Practices For Different Native Ad Formats

  • Be sure to sign up for the next native Webinar on June 13 at 11 AM PST.

Check out: Webinar: Using native ad formats for success and performance for more information.

Webinar Topics include:

  • how to create effective goals for campaign objectives from awareness to traffic to conversions

  • actionable best practices to drive performance out of over 10 different native ad formats

  • how to leverage your own use cases to choose which formats will best deliver

Reminder: Upcoming Native Features

  • Verizon Media is currently developing powerful new Native features, including Touchpoints. With Touchpoints, users can interact with the parts of an ad they’re most interested in by tapping on interactive pins. Advertisers can use Touchpoints on Moments and Panoramic Moments ads to present a wider range of products or features in greater detail than they could have before. Touchpoints will be of interest to clothing retailers, automakers, lifestyle brands and other advertisers. Watch for more information in the coming weeks.

Reminder: Glossary of Native & Search Terms

Reminder: Updated Postman to v3 Endpoint

  • Updated the Postman collection to the v3 endpoint for all API calls. Using Postman, you can test and verify the calls you make in the Native & Search API. See Postman API Toolkit.

Required Fields by Ad Type Matrix

  • A matrix is available which details the required fields when serving different ad types. For more information, see the Matrix view of required fields.