Product Bulletin

Welcome to the Verizon Media Ad Platform API Product Bulletin. This update includes a quick snapshot of recent and upcoming releases and is focused on features supported by the API. A summary of supported functionality is also included.

Product Bulletins are updated on a monthly cadence for Verizon Media API partners, account managers and developers.

September, 2019

New: Strict Validation for Redirect URLs


We now have strict validation for our redirect URLs. This means that if a registered redirect URL is, for example,, but the actual redirect URL is, the redirect will fail. For more details, see Latest Updates.

Updated Verizon Media Native UI

  • We’ve updated the design of our Native platform to reflect the updated Verizon Media branding. Please note that this update does not change the current Native UI functionality. The UI may look a little different, but trust that you still have access to all the great data, inventory and performance that you are used to.

As a reminder, the Verizon Media developer team now provides you with a new web portal for Technical documentation across multiple data and ad platforms. If you wish to explore data and ad solutions for additional platforms, tools and features such as DSP, Audience Insights, Verizon Ads SDK, Yahoo App Marketing, and Mail, be sure to check out our helpful tools, guides and API reference content.

Updated Bulk Operations

  • We’ve updated the API documentation for Bulk operations, with the latest information on how to upload and download bulk files in your advertiser accounts. A sample tab-separated CSV file spreadsheet is provided, along with information on Bulk schemas and objects. Check out the documentation for Bulk Operations.

New Native Insights Article

  • Check out our latest article, Make every mobile moment shoppable this holiday season. In this article, you’ll learn about solutions to engage shoppers with mobile ad units and features that provide options for advertisers looking to drive audiences from simply browsing to an intentional, buying mindset.

Reminder: Glossary of Native Terms

Reminder: Updated Postman to v3 Endpoint

  • Updated the Postman collection to the v3 endpoint for all API calls. Using Postman, you can test and verify the calls you make in the Native & Search API. See Postman API Toolkit.

Required Fields by Ad Type Matrix

  • A matrix is available which details the required fields when serving different ad types. For more information, see the Matrix view of required fields.