Call Extensions

Call extensions, often referred to as Click-to-Call, display an advertiser-provided phone number in the format of a Call button for text ads on smartphones. Call extensions are available for search campaigns and can be set at the campaign level. Only one call extension is allowed per campaign.

You can download a sample bulk call extensions file here.


Use these fields to create and manage call extensions:

Name Description
Object ID The ID of the call extension.
Campaign ID The ID of the parent campaign.
Phone Number The phone number to be included in the ad. It must be a valid phone number for the country code provided in the Country field. Valid phone numbers provided will be reformatted to (555) 555-5555 format.
Call Only Determines whether the phone number is the only clickable element in the ad. This value accepts either true or false and would default to false.
Country The country code - for example, US or CA.

The status of the sitelink extension. Valid values are:

  • Active
  • Paused

This value will default to Active if no status is provided upon creation.

Create Call Extensions

The following example contains the fields required for creating a call extension. All other fields in this spreadsheet are blank and are not shown:

Action Object Type Campaign ID Object ID Phone Number Country Status
Add Call Extension 123 (not required when adding)
  1. 442-2862
US Active (defaults to active)

Update Call Extensions

When updating a call extension, the only required fields are Action, Object Type, Object ID and the fields you would like to update. The following example shows updating the phone number for a call extension. Other fields in this spreadsheet are blank and are not shown:

Action Object Type Object ID Phone Number
Update Call Extension ‘1210145678707
  1. 442-5000