v1 Native & Search API

The Native & Search API is a new service that provides qualifying developers with RESTful access to mobile search and native advertising results with a simple pricing scheme based on usage.

The service enables you to programmatically buy, manage and optimize mobile search and native advertising for campaigns across Oath’s mobile inventory.

As an Oath developer or partner, you’ll be able to work with a set of RESTful objects to create, manage and retrieve advertiser data for your ads, ad groups and campaigns.

Key Benefits

The Native & Search API lets you:

  • read data for filtered lists of ads
  • specify objects that you can use for targeting
  • customize mobile search ads by using text variables
  • retrieve ad extensions that are grouped by type for a specific parent
  • query reporting at different entity levels and fetch reports in CSV format
  • work with a sandbox environment to test campaigns you’ve created and managed

Best Practices

To learn about tips and techniques for working with the Native & Search API, check out Best Practices. The best practices are grouped into categories that are intended to optimize and advance your efforts in working with the Native & Search API.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

For a list of the most frequently asked questions, check out FAQs. The FAQs are grouped into multiple categories for easier navigation and retrieval of topic-specific information.

Release Notes

To track the latest changes, updates and enhancements to the Native & Search API, you’ll want to read the Release Notes section.

Typically, Release Notes are updated every week, then summarized each month on the Partner Support page for easier navigation and retrieval.

Partner Support

The Native & Search API Partner Support page provides you with a quick snapshot of recent and upcoming releases, and is focused on features supported by the API. You’ll also find a summary of supported functionality.

Partner Support includes product bulletins updated on a monthly cadence for Native & Search API partners, account managers and developers.