The Verizon Media DSP API is a service that provides Verizon Media and partner developers with RESTful access to Verizon Media DSP advertising and reporting features. You can use these services to programmatically monitor, create, and manage advertising campaigns.

Start by choosing an authentication method (DSP or YDN).

Current (DSP) Authentication Method

Developers who are new to the Verizon Media DSP API service should use DSP authentication method. Existing Verizon Media DSP API users may also use the DSP authentication method.

See DSP Authentication for details.

Legacy (YDN) Authentication Method

Developers who have previously used the legacy Yahoo Developer Network (YDN) authentication method may continue to do so.


The legacy YDN authentication method will no longer be available beyond August 25, 2021. All clients should migrate to DSP Authentication.

See Legacy (YDN) Authentication for details.