Error Codes

This article describes DSP Reporting API error codes.

Error to Response Codes

The DSP Reporting API returns the following common error codes:

Error Code Response Code Message Event
E0013 401 Unauthorized The user does not have access to Brightroll DSP.
E0013 401 Unauthorized API access The user does not have the API flag enabled and cannot access the application directly via API; only UI access is allowed.
E0205 401 Unauthorized, access token expired OAuth access token expired, user needs to get a refreshed access token.
E0006 422 Report object not found Report does not exist with the given customer report ID.
E0078 400 Malformed request The JSON request is malformed.
E0047 401 User ID mismatch. Access denied The authorized user ID does not match the user ID in the payload.
E0013 401 Unauthorized, no permission to access seat ID User is trying to request data for a seat ID which user does not have permissions to access.
E0042 422 Malformed request - <field name>Ex: Malformed request - currency ID. The request payload is malformed and the currency ID has invalid values.
E0101 500 DSP Reporting API is having issues, please try again later. General system issues where the reporting API is not available.
E0200 422 Requests Per Minute limit reached. Please try again later. User is trying to issue more requests per minute than the allowed limit for the seat.
E0202 422 Total row count limit for the day reached. Please try your report request tomorrow. User has already reached the total allowed rows of reporting data for the day (per seat) and is trying to issue more report requests.
E0203 422 You have reached the daily request limit for your seat. Please try your report request tomorrow. User is trying to issue requests more than the daily allowed request limit for the seat.
E0204 422 You are requesting data for a restricted dimension combo, please validate your request. User is requesting data from restricted dimensions outside of the allowed date range/interval.
E0205 400 Report rows exceeds allowed limit. Expected rows exceeds the maximum allowed limit.
E0206 Report generation took longer than allowed limit of {0} hours.  
E0059 500 Failed to store generated report. Report was generated but could not be saved.
Internal Server Error We had a problem with our server. Try again later.